Top-notch healthcare

@see stands for first-class medical care and is home to a number of renowned rehabilitation and clinic facilities. In emergencies, the large number of physicians with offices in the region and several specialised hospitals provide the best care. The @see region also offers excellent care systems for our older citizens.

Extensive medical infrastructure

Whether hospitals, specialists or health care facilities @see, you always receive competent treatment and care that goes beyond the usual standard.

Variety of wellness and spa treatments

@see is also home to some of the best award-winning spa hotels and resorts in Germany, offering wellness. surrounded by idyllic landscapes that invite you to relax and unwind.

Individual healthcare options

The older generation @see is also well looked after by a variety of different providers, whether you need outpatient care or age-appropriate housing.

High quality of life

Meanwhile, many locals and an increasing number of international guests taking advantage of the medical care and the wide variety of wellness and spa treatments available @see. You have your choice of many individual options to preserve and restore your personal health created in cooperation between medical and tourism providers. The high quality care is complemented by the region’s ease of access; if necessary, the air rescue team at Bad Saarow can also airlift you to an appropriate hospital for treatment.

In spring 2016, the Buddhist Sukhavati Centre opened its doors to help people better cope with life’s crises and find more room to raise questions about the deeper meaning of our lives. A seniors’ residence will soon be opening in central Fürstenwalde and the supply of sheltered housing continues to grow.

@see is a creative region – the CTA Kulturverein helps this creativity be produced in many ways. Under the motto “Everyone can make pottery”, more than 12,000 potters of all ages have enjoyed the fascinating opportunity to experience a traditional craft. In our show kitchen in the art workshop in Bad Saarow creative recipes can be tried and tasted, whether they are based on original Ayurvedic cooking or Italian cuisine.

Ralf Ullrich, Geschäftsführer CTA Kulturverein Nord e.V.

Comfortable living in every age

Every aspect of one’s life is key to good healthcare and a number of providers in the region have sprung up to meet this demand. In addition to outpatient care in all stages, different sheltered housing facilities provide services tailored to the needs of their residents. Residents can choose individual and luxurious living options, for example, in senior residences directly on the Scharmützelsee or Peetzsee, or to live in community in the heart of the city. Age-appropriate living options continue to multiply and there is a wide selection of opportunities for keeping active in old age. The AWO, for example, offers a comprehensive programme tailored to the needs of seniors. Many spa facilities offer special group courses and individual training designed to help you keep fit. Many clubs have also developed a wide range of opportunities for people over 50 or over 60. Take a look sometime at the CTA Kulturverein, where members get to together to cook meals or try their hand at the potter’s wheel. Or you can enjoy sophisticated evenings of culture at the Kulturfabrik or the Theater am See. Whatever your taste and your age group, there’s something of interest to everybody.

Living and working @see is all about having a high standard of living where you and your health are always well taken care of.