Take a cure

Would you like to reinvigorate your mind and body after a long illness? The @see region has a full range of cures for pre- and after-care on offer that will help you recharge your energy and add a spring to your step as you return to normal life.

Extensive offerings

@see offers a wide range of spa treatments with and without prescription that will revive your spirits and restore the harmony of your body and soul.

Expert care

There are spa doctors throughout the @see region who will treat you sensitively and competently treat you for a variety of symptoms and health problems.

Modern facilities

Take a cure and relax at one of Germany’s most modern health resorts.

The only maternity sanatorium in Germany

Das Haus an der Sonne is especially design to meet the needs of expectant mothers, offering a wide range of services to ensure an enjoyable and relaxing stay @see.

A tradition of taking a cure

A cure is both preventive health care and a way to restore vitality after illness and injury. There are numerous spas in Germany that offer the cure, but Bad Saarow @see is the first to do so in the state of Brandenburg. This state-approved spa offers an exceptionally high standard and its healing powers and a diverse range of more than 60 treatments have drawn visitors since 1920. At the centre of the spa is Saarow Hot Springs, one of the most modern wellness and spa resorts in all of Europe.

This brine water and mud spa together with the HELIOS Klinikum, medical centres and various hotels in Bad Saarow offer a wide range of spa treatments with and without a prescription. The natural soil of the region, the thermal brine and the original Bad Saarow natural peat are all particularly important parts of the treatments offered.

If you want a treatment, you are in good hands with @see. The “Haus an der Sonne” in Bad Saarow offers an especially interesting weight-loss programme. The venue with 24 seats serves pregnant women exclusively. Here you are given the opportunity to take a combination of a variety of therapeutic services, health advice and medical assistance available to stabilise, to recover, to be active and to recover. All this contributes to the woman feeling prepared for the birth.

Anke Müller, Leiterin des Schwangerenkurheims „Haus an der Sonne“, Bad Saarow

Relax and escape the daily grind

Spa doctors @see can treat the full range of medical ailments with expert advice about the correct treatments and therapies for your ills. For example, the peat used in the heat wrap helps with acute rheumatic complaints and muscle tension, and strengthens your immune system. You also will receive effective assistance with rehabilitation and treatments for sports injuries and age-related wear and tear. The services also include therapeutic help with stress and occupational diseases.

The Haus an der Sonne is the only maternity sanatorium in all of Germany. The varied fitness and relaxation offerings and the informative events are intended to prevent hospitalisations, premature births, and miscarriages.

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