Healing waters

The @see region knows well that water is the basis of all life. The region is home to numerous lakes and rivers, healing springs, the most successful wellness facilities in Germany, and a wide range of recreational opportunities in, on and around the water. 

Source of health

The healing power of thermal water has long been known and appreciated. Whether you swim, drink, or inhale it (in the form of steam), the healing waters relieve muscle tension, tight joints, affects your blood circulation, and stimulates your metabolism.

Attractive healing baths and spas

The resorts @see are popular with those stressed out from life in the big city thanks to the relaxing massages, treatments to activate their metabolisms, and the healing waters. Even locals who come under stress might treat themselves to an application or two for a short escape from everyday life.

Natural peace

The region around the Scharmützelsee is the stuff of poetry, with enchanted hills, pristine nature and idyllic tranquillity in every season. The peaceful atmosphere helps you leave the stresses of everyday life behind

Lots of ways to have fun

Whether, swimming, surfing, diving, or sailing, the @see region offers countless ways to have fun in the water, including well-maintained bathing sites or at the Schwapp water park.

Enjoy the healing waters

Water is the oldest remedy in the world and gives us hope for good health, physical well-being and inner balance. Taken internally and applied externally, the healing waters not only provide a natural cleansing, but also relieve pain and help the treatment of chronic diseases.

The @see region’s Esplanade Resort & Spa and the Spa Resort A-Rosa Scharmützelsee are two of the most successful wellness facilities in Germany. The spa, a Latin acronym for “salus per aquam” (“health through water”) is not just a priority at these spas. The thermal brine water at the Catharinenquelle at Saarow Hot Springs is unique within Germany. The healing water bubbles from the depths of the earth and is enriched with the valuable minerals and trace elements in the rock layers through which it passes on its way up.

Nowhere do wellness and nature come together as effectively as at our Saarow spa. Here visitors to the Scharmützelsee region have the opportunity to relax in the thermal waters of Catharinenquelle according to the motto “Sanus per Aquam” (SPA). The thermal waters are rich in valuable minerals and nutrients and natural cosmetics for the skin – a perfect break, which can be adapted to individual needs with a comprehensive wellness and beauty offer.

Axel Walter, Geschäftsführer, Bad Saarow Kur GmbH

Health in nature: move, relax, breathe deeply.

The numerous lakes and rivers @see are the basis of our healthy environment. The Scharmützelsee is truly one of the nicest spots in inland Europe, proving that vitality, relaxation and fun do not have to be mutually exclusive. It’s not just sailors who find that these waters offer the best conditions for sport and recreation. Further suggestions for activities, in, on and around the water can be found under tourism and sport.

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