Are you planning to take the leap into running your own buisness? @see is a region with great potential for workers and employers and its convenient location to its national and international transport corridors, which is a key to the success for established buisnesses and start-ups. 

Various subsidies and support services

As a start-up entrepreneurs, you will have competent partners @see that will be your side, providing comitted assistence and support with any questions that may come up and first steps to running your own company.

Large, highly qualified workforce

The region is very closely linked with the Berlin labour market and taps the region’s high levels of education and qualifications to find competent professional.

Diverse industries and business networks

The diverse business landscape @see makes it easier for you to establish a business network and a sales structure in the region. The direct connection to the markets in the capital region provides concrete marketing opportunities.

Excellent transport links

The excellent local infrastructure and high commuter mobility support your manufacturing, marketing, and recruitment efforts.

High quality of life

The region offers professional child care, a broad range of education and apprenticeship opportunities, a well-developed healthcare system, and a fun, natural landscape with plenty of opportunities for active recreation and time spent close to nature.

Move your business into the fast lane

Realise your dream of striking out on your own in the optimal business environment of a region that offers so many different unique opportunities while still being just a stone’s throw from the pulsating metropolis of Berlin. For a number of reasons, @see is the ideal location for young entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Whether you travel here by train, car, ship, or air, @see offers the kinds of infrastructure that score points with entrepreneurs, partners, and employees. The direct proximity to Germany’s largest metropolis means visiting business partners can get to you quickly and you have access to the highly skilled Berlin employment market. @see is all about working and living in a recreation area just outside of Berlin.

The entrepreneurs @see are modern, organised, and networked. Take advantage of the benefits that come from such a large network and make contact with like-minded people. You will be amazed at how quickly you will find potential business partners with shared interests.

  • Oder-Spree District Association for Child Care, Education and the Economy

Concrete and practical support for your start-up can be found here:

  • LOS Project Piloting: Considering a start-up? You have the opportunity to participate in a 3 to 4 day development centre programme, with an optional brainstorming workshop beforehand.
  • Young companies: this project supports and encourages the people of Brandenburg under the age of 30 and currently without a job on the path to starting their own business. Brandenburg State Investment Bank: the state’s business development fund provides grants, loans, and state guarantees.

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